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Morning Huddles are Essential

Morning huddles are more important now than ever and are an essential part of practice success. They ensure daily team communication and follow-up on performance and progress toward goals. Huddles also communicate opportunities in the schedule that day and what patients need special attention. Huddles are an important part of providing direction to team members and where their focus should be.

Huddles should be quick and to the point (about 10-15 minutes). Assign different team members to report on a specific item. Teams should understand the importance of the huddle is to provide exceptional care and should arrive on time and prepared.

Short team building and recognition activities can also be included in the huddle.

Important items to review in the huddle:

-Yesterday’s schedule and what improvements could have been made and wins that occurred.

-Review of progress toward goals. Example: Doctor production, hygiene production, collections, new patients to date for the month, and any specific goals you have set a monthly goal for such as sealants or whitening.

-Today’s open time or flexibility in the schedule for emergencies or additional treatment.

-Hygiene patients with unscheduled doctor treatment.

-Doctor patients with overdue prophy, maintenance, or unscheduled perio.

-Review of any internal marketing campaigns, such as asking for reviews.

-Review of any patients that have birthdays or a significant event that day (seating anterior crowns or other major restorative work completed) so the entire team can help celebrate them.

Happy huddling teams!

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