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Driving Employee Engagement

Team member engagement is the strength of the mental and emotional connection a team member feels toward their place of work. In short, they want to be there and they are “all in”. Teams with high team member engagement perform at higher levels and outperform their competitors. A Gallup study revealed teams with a high level of engagement have higher productivity, better retention, and 21% higher profitability. So, what drives team member engagement?

Purpose. Making team members aware of what the goals of the organization are and how they contribute to the success is a key factor to engagement.

Leadership. Engaged team members trust the leaders in their organization to guide them in the direction of an aligned vision.

Culture. A culture that motivates, empowers, challenges, and respects team members encourages engagement. Team members feel they are treated with fairness, and feedback and direction is provided by their leaders.

Feeling Valued. Highly engaged team members also feel valued by their leaders and feel they are more than just a number.

Now is a great time to plan strategies that encourage team member engagement. What have you found to be helpful in driving engagement?

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