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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer is a practicing clinical dental hygienist and performance  coach who has practiced clinical dental hygiene for two decades. She is “in the trenches” daily and shows you proven strategies she has personally used to increase performance, the quality of care given to patients, and the profitability of the practice. 


Jennifer connects with hygienists on a personal level and understands their struggles. 


Jennifer is passionate about providing high quality care for patients and providing them with the best possible dental experience while contributing to the overall financial success of the dental practice.  Jennifer founded Hygiene Coach Jennifer, L.L.C.  after earning her Bachelor’s degree in Performance Improvement to help dental hygienists reach their full potential and thrive in clinical practice. Jennifer is committed to constant self-improvement and learning new techniques to improve the care she delivers to patients and to help your hygiene department increase its performance.


Jennifer Young, R.D.H., B.A.A.S.

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