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Take Your Hygiene Department to

the Next Level Today!

 Jennifer provides a customized dental hygiene coaching program for your dental practice that will empower hygienists, elevate the quality of care your patients receive, and increase dental practice profits. 

Real Results from a Practicing Hygienist and Coach

Why Jennifer?

Increase Dental Practice Profits

Client Focused

Your practice goals are Jennifer’s priority. Every practice and team are unique and Jennifer customizes your growth experience to your unique needs. Jennifer accepts both limited focus and extended coaching projects.

Increase Hygiene Production

Results Driven

You expect results and so does Jennifer. Jennifer provides coaching and follow-up with accountability practices to support you in achieving and exceeding goals long-term.

Dental Hygiene Coach

Industry Experience

Jennifer has practiced clinical dental hygiene for 23 years and continues practicing today. Jennifer relates to practice owners and hygienists on a personal level and understands their everyday struggles.

Expected Results 

Well Cared
for Patients

 Hygienists and dentists collaborate to present treatment needs and achieve a high-level of case acceptance. Patient awareness of the high-level of care they receive helps drive referrals and patients for life.



Coaching Packages

Coaching is designed with your practice needs in mind and is customized for your practice.

Jennifer's Most Popular Coaching Package:

6-month Program
  • Initial In-Office observation and training day/s
  • Monthly virtual or in-person follow-up coaching 
  • Continuous hygienist goal tracking and accountability coaching
  • Unlimited doctor phone calls and support
Dental Hygiene Consultant
Popular Areas of Focus:
  • Improving Case Acceptance
  • Mastering Advanced Patient Education Strategies
  • Increasing Doctor/Hygienist Collaboration
  • Elevating Periodontal and Preventative  Care
  • Forming Effective Protocols
  • Integrating the digital scanner into patient education
  • Implementing Assisted Hygiene (not accelerated hygiene)
  • Improving Accountability

Team Building


"Appreciation in the Workplace" Workshop

Team Building Workshop
This workshop dives deep to identify what makes team members and leaders feel appreciated and guides you through implementing processess for a happier and healthier workplace.  

Based on the #1 New York Times bestseller, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Gary Chapman and Paul White.
  • Inspire high performance
  • Gain higher retention of team members
  • Increase profitability and organization functioning
  • Improve patient satisfaction
Team Building

What Clients Say

"Every month I see a continuous improvement in the way the hygienists speak to patients and their confidence recommending treatment. Treatment acceptance has also continually improved."


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