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You Don't Have To Be Alone When Driving For Higher Performance From Your Hygiene Team!

Hygienists have a special kind of tribe and hearing performance improvement strategies from another practicing hygienist speaks volumes.  Results you can expect from coaching are:

Increased  Level of Periodontal Care Provided to Patients

Jennifer will help your team get on the same page with periodontal treatment recommendations and ensure that your team is following the current standard of care when identifying and treating periodontal disease.

Focus Points:

Enhancing the quality of education provided to patients to help them understand and accept periodontal treatment recommendations.

Overcoming objections to

periodontal treatment and maintenance.


 Preventative Care Provided to Patients

Jennifer will guide your team on identifying patients at risk for oral disease and forming a custom preventative plan to help each patient receive the highest level of prevention possible.

Focus Points:

Developing an effective protocol that follows current evidence-based organizations recommendations.

Enhancing the education that is delivered to patients on preventative adjuncts available to help them fight against their personal threats to maximum oral health.

Overcoming objections when preventative care is not covered by insurance.

Maximized Productivity of the Hygiene Department

Jennifer will show you proven systems and time management protocols to increase profitability and ensure that each patient receives high quality care while reducing stress on your team.  

Focus Points

Implementation of Assisted Hygiene that allows the hygienist to focus on direct patient care and prevent fatigue and “burn-out” while keeping the schedule flowing smoothly and on-time.

Key factors that make assisted hygiene a success for the doctor, hygienist, assistant, and the patient.

Unassisted Hygiene appointment time management protocols

More Treatment Scheduled in the Doctor’s Chair

Jennifer will coach you and your hygiene team to work together to identify dental treatment needed to help your patients reach ideal oral health and receive the dental treatment they need.

Focus Points:

Efficient hygiene-doctor exam protocols to make the hygiene exam quick and stress-free.

Utilization of hygiene “pre-diagnosis” in identifying treatment to help the patient better understand treatment needs and schedule the treatment needed.

Enhanced Patient Experience and Treatment Acceptance

Jennifer will coach you and your team on the foundations of building lasting relationships with patients that result in great reviews of your practice and the referral of family and friends.

Focus Points:

Relationship Building 

Patient Retention

Increased Treatment Acceptance

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